About Small Door Veterinary

It's not always easy to find convenient and reliable veterinary care, or even to know what your pet needs. We're changing all of that.

Our Story

Small Door began with a simple goal: to deliver superior veterinary care for pets while providing a personalized, modern, and convenient experience for pet parents.

The typical veterinary practice today is antiquated. One of our founders learned this first hand after his boxer, Morris, came down with a mystery stomach ailment. He visited eight vet clinics in search of a diagnosis, racking up thousands of dollars in bills as Morris withstood one test — and cheerless waiting room — after another. Same-day appointments were rarely available and medical records were closely guarded. What's more, he could never communicate directly with a doctor, by phone or otherwise.

We're changing all of that.

Our founders envisioned a different sort of veterinary experience that combines modern technology with warm hospitality and a commitment to transparency. And, most importantly, integrative and reliable care for pets like Morris, who, after finally receiving a diagnosis and treatment, returned to his happy life playing tug-of-war and bodysurfing ocean waves.

Best of all — peace of mind

Transparency matters. Before we conduct a test or procedure, we ensure you understand the costs and your options: no hidden fees, no surprises. Our rates are fair and clearly communicated without a lot of “medicalese”.

Our veterinary spaces are designed with empathy. We've consulted with renowned animal scientists to create comfortable, private, and stress-free environments for you and your pet.

Your pet's well-being always comes first. Sometimes, that means referring you to a specialist, even if it's not in our financial interest.

Your pet's data belongs to you. It's your right. We make it easier than ever to obtain and manage your health records.

Our responsibility

One of the reasons we started Small Door is because veterinarians are often denied the working conditions, benefits, and pay these heroes deserve.

Our goal is to provide veterinarians with the support and resources they need to be their best. In fact, their well being is incorporated into our founding charter. With every decision we make, we take their well-being and success into account.

Small Door is a Certified B Corporation, held to a rigorous standard of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and accountability.

We are also a Public Benefit Corporation, which means we operate not only to maximize profits but to make the world a better place in concrete, measurable ways.

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