Drop-Off Visits

At Small Door, our first priority is to protect our members, our team and the wider community. With this in mind, we’ve taken a number of steps to help limit human interaction, including drop-off visits.

What are drop-off visits?

Drop-off visits are similar to regular visits; the only difference is that you drop off your pet at the door, instead of accompanying them inside the practice.

Weather permitting, you can watch the exam outside the exam room window while on the phone with our doctor. Or if you’d prefer to go home or elsewhere during the exam, we can use FaceTime, Zoom, or a phone call. If you don’t want to call in, we will send you detailed discharge notes as always.

How do drop-off visits work?

  1. Prior to your visit, our team will confirm your communication preference for normal exams (phone, FaceTime, or Zoom).

  2. When you arrive at Small Door, please wait outside – a team member will come to collect your pet and get them registered.

  3. A team member will stay with your pet throughout their visit to ensure they’re safe and happy.

  4. During exams, we will communicate with you using your preferred medium.

  5. After your pet’s appointment is complete, we’ll give you a call to organize your pet’s pickup.

  6. We’ll return your pet to you at the door and follow up with discharge instructions via email, as usual.

Thank you for helping to protect the Small Door family

We really appreciate your understanding and cooperation at what we know is a stressful time for everyone. Thank you for doing your bit to help keep our team and other Small Door members safe.

We are committed to monitoring the developing situation, and will reopen our waiting room and return to normal visits as soon as it is safe to do so.

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