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What To Do

Small Door’s Summer Safety Tips for Pets

We want you and your pet to enjoy the summer by staying safe and healthy. Here are some top tips from Small Door’s Medical Chief of Staff, Dr. Jamie Richardson, to prepare you for the season!

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What To Do

Everything You Need in Your Pet’s First Aid Kit

Emergencies can strike at any time, so it’s important to prepare a first aid kit for your pet that you can turn to in the event of a veterinary emergency or natural disaster. As these situations often arise without warning, having a kit with the necessary supplies can make all the difference and may even save your pet’s life.

What To Do

Emergency Planning for Your Pet

While it’s not something any of us like to dwell on, it’s important to know exactly what you’ll do in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. A vital part of any household’s emergency plan involves its pets! Read on to learn how to ensure your pet is safe if the worst happens, including all the steps you should take in advance, and what exactly to pack in your pet’s go-bag.

What To Do

What To Do if Your Dog is Stung by a Bee

While your dog may think it’s a fun game to try and bite at a bee that’s flying around, a bee sting can cause a significant reaction and require quick thinking on your part. Read on for insight on what to look for, how to respond, and what signs require a visit to the vet.

What To Do

What To Do if Your Pet is Overheating

With summer around the corner, it’s easy for your pet to become overheated on a hot or warm day. They are wearing fur coats, after all! It’s important to look out for signs of overheating and learn what to do if you suspect heatstroke.

What To Do

Why is my dog not eating and what can I do?

Dogs love to eat. Whether they’re making puppy-dog eyes at you from beneath the dinner table, or lunging for that pizza crust on the sidewalk, it often seems as though their main mission in life is getting food. So if your pup has suddenly lost their appetite, it’s bound to be a bit concerning.

What To Do

Common Household Pet Poisons

It can feel daunting to keep your furry friends happy and healthy with so many toxic things around – especially in the household. With so many of them right under your nose, use this list to pet-proof your home and learn what to do if your pet has ingested any poisonous products.

What To Do

Hot Spots on Dogs

Is your dog suffering from hot spots? If he can’t stop licking, biting, or scratching at an itchy red sore, your dog may indeed have a hot spot. Read on to learn what hot spots are, how to identify them, and most importantly, how to treat them.

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