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We offer a full range of pet health services, plus priority access to board-certified specialists.

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Our services

Wellness exams

Small Door Veterinary’s core philosophy includes comprehensive annual exams to help prevent commonly treatable diseases and detect any health conditions as early as possible. Our 360-degree exam looks at everything from muzzle to tail.

24/7 advice

Through our mobile app, you have access to veterinary professionals day and night, to answer any questions or health concerns you have about your pet.

Sick patient exams

We will always be there for you and your pet when they feel ill, offering same or next-day appointments at our practice. We can also assess your pet’s clinical signs 24/7 through our members-only mobile app, to determine if you need to come in.


We welcome walk-in appointments at all of our locations. Whether your pet needs a wellness appointment or is sick or injured, we can get them the care they need.

Emergency services

During open hours, we will always be available to help your pet. If we’re closed, we can provide immediate advice 24/7 via our mobile app, and refer you to our affiliated 24-hour emergency hospitals.

Travel certificates

Health certificates for your pet are required for both domestic and international travel. Our doctors are USDA-certified and can help with the necessary paperwork to allow your pet to travel anywhere in the world.


Vaccinations are essential to prevent life-threatening diseases. Rabies, bordetella, you name it - we offer all the core and non-core vaccines your pet might need.

Surgical services

In our state-of-the-art surgery suite, we perform routine surgeries (spays and neuters), basic soft tissue surgery (mass removals, laceration repair, abscesses) and oral surgeries.


Our on-site pharmacy stocks a variety of prescription medications and pet health products. If a particular medication is unavailable, our compounding pharmacy can deliver it to your door within 24 hours.

Behavioral consultation

Animals experience stress, anxiety, and other behavioral disorders just like humans. We can help you implement a behavioral modification program for your pet, and prescribe medication if needed.


Dental cleanings are recommended to maintain your pet’s oral health. Our cleanings include scaling, polishing, and full dental radiographs.

Diagnostic testing & radiography

Regular diagnostic screening of blood, urine, and feces is a proactive way to ensure your pet’s long-term health. Our in-house laboratory also boasts digital x-ray and ultrasound machines to provide advanced imaging services.


Allergies can cause severe discomfort and secondary skin infections. Our veterinarians can quickly diagnose and treat allergies, plus a variety of other skin conditions including ringworm, ear infections, and alopecia (hair loss).

Nutrition counseling

Nutrition plays a major role in the longevity of our pet’s lives. We provide detailed consultations to address obesity, weight loss, and a variety of other diet and nutritional issues.


The decision to say goodbye to your family member can be one of the most difficult you’ll have to make. We’re here to guide you through the process with compassion, and can perform end-of-life services at the time and place of your choosing.

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Best of all — peace of mind

No matter which plan you choose, we promise to always help your pet live a healthy life with friendly, personal service and expert advice — day or night

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