Pet Travel Certificates

Whether you’re planning on travelling domestically or internationally, you will usually require a health certificate for your pet. Our doctors are USDA-certified and can help with the necessary paperwork to allow your pet to travel anywhere in the world.

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Cat & Dog Wellness Exam FAQs

  • When do I need a travel certificate?


    You’ll need a travel certificate for any international travel, and for some domestic interstate travel. Some states may only require signed vaccination records instead of a formal travel certificate. If you’re traveling inside your home state, you do not require a travel certificate unless you’re traveling by plane.

  • Do I need a travel certificate if I’m not traveling by plane?


    Yes, you’ll still need a travel certificate when crossing borders by car, train or boat.

  • Do I need a new travel certificate for each trip?


    Yes, for each separate trip, international or domestic, you will need a new travel certificate. If you are going to multiple destinations in one trip, you may need multiple certificates depending on your destinations. For example, most countries in Europe have the same requirements for pets, but if you are traveling to different continents, they all have their own unique restrictions.

  • Do I need an appointment to get a travel certificate?


    If we have seen your pet recently, you won’t need an appointment to get a certificate for domestic travel. For international travel, you will need a wellness appointment. Your travel destination will determine how far in advance you will need an appointment.

  • How long does it take to get a travel certificate?


    Domestic travel forms and certificates can be prepared fairly quickly. For international travel, the length of time depends on your travel destination. Some countries only require the international health certificate and an exam within 10 days of travel. Other countries may require a blood test, for example, that needs time to process. Our team can outline a more exact timeline once we know where you are traveling.

  • Do I need a pet passport?


    You do not need a pet passport in the United States. If you and your pet will be traveling consistently in a different country or continent, you may consider getting a pet passport for that area. For example, if you travel throughout Europe, a certified EU veterinarian can provide an EU passport for your pet. A veterinarian in the United States cannot issue an international pet passport.

  • Is my service animal or ESA (Emotional Support Animal) subject to the same regulations?


    Yes, even if your pet is a service animal or ESA, they will still require a travel certificate and be subject to the same health regulations as other pets.

  • Does my pet need a rabies titer test?


    Depending on your travel destination, your pet may need a rabies titer test. This is a blood test performed by an external laboratory to ensure that your pet has the necessary antibodies against rabies. Some destinations that require a rabies titer test include Australia, China, Hawaii (US), Japan, Korea & New Zealand.

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