24/7 Veterinary Telemedicine

Small Door Veterinary's 24/7 online telemedicine gives you peace of mind that your best friend is getting the best possible care – without leaving your home.

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The benefits of veterinary telemedicine

We can provide immediate advice and virtual care for any veterinary issue, giving you peace of mind on whether it’s safe to monitor at home, or if you need to see a vet in person for further care.

  • Unlimited advice for your pet, available 24/7 (including holidays)

  • Access to highly qualified, US-based veterinarians and veterinary nurses

  • Average response time of under 10 minutes

  • Assistance in the event of an emergency

  • Help deciding whether you need to take your pet to the vet

  • Answers to everyday pet health questions

Common questions

  • How does telemedicine work?
    You can chat directly to our medical team 24/7 via our app. Simply open the app, start a new chat, and we'll be standing by to reply.
  • How soon will I hear back?
    For all urgent enquiries, we'll respond within 10 minutes, night or day, so you can get immediate advice and peace of mind about your pet.
  • My dog ate chocolate - help!
    We're here for you 24/7 if you ever have an emergency. We can help you take practical steps to help your pet right away. If you're not sure whether you need to go to the vet, we can assess your pet's clinical signs and help you decide if it's safe to monitor at home.
  • How can I help my cat lose weight?
    Nutrition and mental wellbeing play major roles in the longevity of our pets' lives. Animals experience stress and anxiety just like humans. We can work with you and provide advice to help your pet live a calmer, happier life, address obesity, weight loss, and a variety of other diet and nutritional needs as required.

Get tips and tricks to keep your pet healthy

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