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Walk-in appointments are welcome at Small Door. Whether your pet is sick or injured, we’re here to help get them the care they need.

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Walk-In Appointment FAQs

  • What will happen during my appointment?


    Whether your pet needs a wellness or sick patient exam will impact what happens during the appointment. For wellness exams, we’ll conduct a thorough 360 nose-to-tail exam, administer any vaccines your pet needs, and discuss your pet’s nutrition, lifestyle and exercise habits. For sick patient exams, we’ll examine your pet and discuss their history to diagnose the problem. We'll then recommend any additional testing if required, and put together a treatment plan to get your pet back to full health. Our vets will always discuss your options and any costs before proceeding with tests or treatment, and will provide thorough discharge notes after your exam as a reminder of what you spoke about, plus details on your pet’s treatment plan.

  • Do I need to be a member before I come to Small Door for a walk-in appointment?


    This isn’t a problem! You can sign up for a membership when you arrive.

  • Do you accept insurance?


    Yes, we accept all forms of pet insurance.

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