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Ensuring your cat or dog has regular wellness exams – also known as preventative care – is the key to them living a long, healthy life.

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Cat & Dog Wellness Exam FAQs

  • My pet is healthy. Do they still need wellness exams?


    Yes, all pets need regular wellness exams, even if they seem perfectly healthy. As our pets can’t speak to us and they’re often good at hiding any signs of illness, it may be tricky to know when there’s a problem. Regular exams can also help catch developing issues before they become more advanced, and allow for early treatment. Plus, pets need vaccine boosters throughout their life, even if they’re healthy.

  • My cat is an indoor cat. Do they still need wellness exams?


    Yes, indoor cats still need wellness exams. In addition to administering legally required vaccines, indoor cats can develop many illnesses and conditions that have nothing to do with the outside world, such as issues with weight, hormone problems, genetic conditions, and tumors, among other things. Cats in particular are very good at hiding pain and illness, and so by the time they show any symptoms, the problem has likely already become advanced. It’s often far easier, less expensive, and more effective to prevent an issue than to treat it later.

  • My pet has a chronic condition. How often do they need wellness exams?


    Pets with chronic conditions usually require wellness exams more often than other pets. Our vets will be able to advise on the recommended care schedule for your pet’s specific needs.

  • How much will it cost? Is it covered in my membership plan?


    Our wellness exams are $99. If you’re a Premium member, two exams are included in your membership plan each year.

  • Should I bring anything to the appointment with me?


    Before your first visit, if you have previous medical records for your pet, from a breeder or a previous practice, please email them to hi@smalldoorvet.com, or text pictures to (212) 933-9044. If this is your pet’s first visit or one of your puppy/kitten wellness visits, please bring a fecal sample with you if possible. You can bring the sample in a regular dog poop bag or any other enclosed plastic bag or disposable container. Otherwise, you do not need to bring anything other than your pet!

  • What if the vet finds a problem?


    It’s understandable to feel anxious if the vet detects a problem during a wellness exam. However, it’s important to remember that this means your pet can now get the treatment they need. Depending on the issue, additional testing may be required, or the vet may be able to prescribe a treatment plan immediately. Our vets will always discuss your options and any costs before proceeding with tests or treatment, and will provide discharge notes recapping any issues and suggested treatment plans after your exam.

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Indoor cat laying on couchIndoor cat laying on couch
From the Learning Center While it's true that some feline illnesses are contracted outside, there are still many reasons why indoor cats need vet visits, from administrating legally required vaccines to catching issues before they become serious.