Dr. Eliza O'Callaghan (she/her), DVM, USDA Accredited

Dr. Eliza O’Callaghan, an Australian native, embarked on her veterinary journey at Murdoch University Veterinary College in Western Australia. After building her foundation down under, she ventured from Australia to San Francisco, then to North Carolina, and finally to New York City. Throughout her diverse career, Eliza has developed a comprehensive approach to pet wellness, focusing on the importance of tailored education and care for each pet's unique needs.

Her commitment to veterinary medicine goes beyond the confines of the clinic. Eliza has volunteered in spay/neuter clinics in Thailand, India, and the remote Kimberley region of outback Australia, highlighting her dedication to global animal health and welfare. While Dr. O’Callaghan does not confine her practice to specific specialties, she has a keen interest in soft tissue surgery, oral and dental surgery, chronic pain management, and dermatology. She is passionate about senior pet care, living by the mantra that “age is not a disease ” and advocating for treatments that ensure the comfort and wellbeing of aging pets. Her approach to veterinary medicine is holistic, emphasizing the importance of clear and compassionate communication with pet owners to facilitate the best possible outcomes for their beloved animals.

Outside of her professional life, Eliza is an avid nature lover. She enjoys long hikes, the tranquility of the outdoors, and the simple pleasure of wine with friends. She also maintains a robust fitness routine, with regular sessions at her local F45 gym. Eliza cherishes time spent with her partner, Alyssa, their non-stereotypical Chihuahua, Rill, and their charismatic Burmese cat, Rory. She seizes every chance to share her favorite Australian slang and introduce others to Aussie Rules Football (AFL), a sport close to her heart.

Special Interests: Preventative care, client education, senior pet care, soft tissue surgery, chronic pain management, sports medicine, oral surgery, dermatology.

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