Dr. Lauren Witter (she/her), DVM, MS

A New York City native, Dr. Lauren Witter grew up in Brooklyn. Her lifelong love of animal care began with nursing stray kittens back to full health in her backyard. Her passion for science and animal health grew as she did, with time spent working at the Prospect Park Zoo, Brooklyn Aquarium and Animal Medical Center.

After completing her bachelor's degree at Hunter College, she attended Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, where she gained a Masters Degree in canine cancer biology, as well as her degree in Veterinary Medicine. Since graduating, Lauren has worked at a variety of small animal and exotic veterinary practices across NYC, as well as working as a shelter veterinarian at the Animal Care Centers of NYC.

She’s particularly passionate about education and compassionate pet care, and takes a special interest in preventative care, surgery, dentistry, exotic and feline medicine.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys spending time with her family, including new baby Josephine and her fur-babies, cats Milou and Marjorie. She is an enthusiastic hiker, drawer, and board game player. She also sings as an alto in the Cecelia Chorus of NY.

Specialty: Preventative care, surgery, dentistry, exotic and feline medicine

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