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Our nurses and nurse assistants are the lifeblood of Small Door. We appreciate the incredible job you do and believe you should be compensated fairly. Here's a taster of what we offer.

  • Pay well over the industry average

    We pay our nurses up to $42 an hour, with transparent pay bands that correspond to your skillset and experience level. Clearly defined requirements make it easy to know how you can progress. See our pay bands below to find out how much you could earn as you grow with us.
  • Generous paid time off

    We know how hard our nurses work and we want you to take time to recharge. We offer plenty of paid time off, including vacation and personal days, paid holidays, plus parental leave.
  • A wealth of benefits

    On top of a great salary, we offer extra pay on holidays, profit-sharing, healthcare benefits with dental and vision, matching 401K programs, FSA's, One Medical membership, a gym stipend, weekly free lunches and more.
  • Great work-life balance

    We're open 8am to 6pm, and we're committed to getting you out the door soon after your shift ends. We also reserve an hour of protected time each day for lunch.
  • State-of-the-art hospitals

    You'll work in beautiful surroundings, with plenty of natural light as well as brand new equipment and technology to help make your job easier.
  • Growth paths to leadership

    We're excited to watch you grow as we do. At Small Door we encourage you to pursue leadership roles within nursing, or make the move into operational roles.

More benefits

  • Transparent pay bands
    We are committed to pay transparency. Find below our salary bands for our nurses in our NYC market:

    RoleHourly Wage
    Veterinary Nurse Assistant


    Senior Veterinary Nurse Assistant


    Head Veterinary Nurse Assistant


    Veterinary Nurse


    Senior Veterinary Nurse


    Managing Veterinary Nurse


  • Ample support from collaborative colleagues
    Doctors from a range of backgrounds and seniority levels will provide mentorship and training, whilst our member experience coordinators help to keep things running smoothly at the practice and reduce your team's stress. You'll also be supported by a team of remote telehealth nurses who respond to calls and messages, so you can focus on your patients in the practice.
  • Positive work culture
    We don't tolerate bad attitudes, period. You can be sure that if you come work for Small Door, you'll be surrounded by kind, helpful and competent colleagues.
  • Quarterly profit sharing
    We want our teams to share in the business' success. Every quarter we share practice profits with the whole team.
  • Dedicated CE days and stipend
    You'll get time to dedicate to Continued Education, with an in-house CE program, VETgirl membership, plus a stipend each year to support your learning.
  • Support to become an LVT
    If you're a nurse assistant aiming to become a licensed veterinary technician, we'll support you through the process, including the option to apply your CE stipend to veterinary technician school.
  • No non-competes
    We'll never ask you to sign a non-compete, leaving you free to move on if ever you need to make a change professionally or personally.
Meet your team

I had the pleasure of a strong professional community and jovial teammates walking into the Small Door environment. Appreciating that everyone has their own strong suits and taking time to learn from each others' strengths became an enriching experience. I cherish the acknowledgment, validation, and the work and life balance I achieved from being here.

Chi Tran

Veterinary Nurse

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