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At Small Door, we're proud to provide an environment that empowers you to do your best work. Here's a taster of just some of the things we offer.

  • Competitive compensation

    We believe your expertise deserves great compensation. On top of your salary, we offer a wealth of benefits, including profit-sharing, equity ownership, healthcare benefits that include dental and vision, and matching 401K programs.
  • Generous paid time off

    We know how hard our doctors work and we want you to take time to recharge. We offer plenty of paid time off, including vacation and personal days, paid holidays plus parental leave.
  • Great work-life balance

    We're committed to getting you out the door soon after your shift ends, and reserve 2 hours of protected time each day for lunch and admin work. You'll work on average 2 weekend days per month, with no full weekends.
  • More time with each patient

    We don't overbook, and our membership model means you get more time with each patient, so you never feel the need to rush your patients' care.
  • State-of-the-art hospitals

    You'll work in beautiful surroundings, with plenty of natural light as well as brand new equipment and technology to help make your job easier.
  • Growth opportunities

    We're excited to watch you grow as we do. We encourage you to pursue leadership roles, with dedicated career coaching to help you develop the skills to lead a practice team and grow professionally.

More benefits

  • Ample support from collaborative colleagues
    You'll have an exceptional team of doctors, veterinary nurses and member experience coordinators to support you and keep the practice running smoothly. We put a lot of thought into staffing to ensure that every practice has enough senior veterinarians to support those who are less experienced.
  • Not paid on production
    We don't pay on individual production, period. You'll always be free to recommend only the treatments that are right for your patients.
  • Contributions to student debt repayments
    We make an annual contribution towards your student debt repayment and offer refinancing options to help you manage your loans.
  • Paid sabbatical program
    For every five years of service to Small Door, you'll earn a two-month fully paid sabbatical to help you reset and recalibrate.
  • Subsidized family planning and fertility care
    We aspire to be a workplace that provides you with the support needed for planning a family at any stage of life. We offer subsidized services to help with the costs associated with fertility care and family planning.
  • No non-competes
    We'll never ask you to sign a non-compete, leaving you free to move on if ever you need to make a change professionally or personally.
Meet your team

Small Door has managed to bring together a group of kind, compassionate, professional individuals who are a joy to work with. In a challenging job, it means so much to know that I have an amazing team supporting me every step of the way.

Allison Bichoupan


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